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last day reminders

Good Afternoon,

All the kids should be tired from a great day! We had a wonderful, fun picnic and ran around outside participating in field day all afternoon. Just a few quick reminders: reading logs are still due tomorrow! Please send them in if your child hasn’t already given it to me. Also, please send their backpacks back empty except for their lunches and go-go folders. We cleaned out lockers today and thebackpacks were very full. We only have a few items left in their desks but they will still need the space for their desk stuff. If you want to send in an extra grocery bag just in case that is fine too. The kids will also still be going to art and gym tomorrow so make sure they still have gym shoes to wear if I send them home today from their lockers.

Thank you and have a great night!

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Open House Tomorrow Night!

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is open house from 6:30-7:30 pm. Please come by and see all the wonderful work your children have been doing this year! The students will have work on display for you to see and bring home. Plus, the book fair will be open and the PTO will be hosting a fun ice cream social! This is also an opportunity to meet the second grade teachers and take a peek into their classrooms! Hope to see you tomorrow evening! The kids have been working hard to get ready for your visit!

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MAP testing update

Good Afternoon,

All the kids did a wonderful job on their MAP reading assessment this afternoon! I am so proud of their hard work and perseverance. Tomorrow afternoon is the MAP math assessment. Please use the quadrilateral and polygon posters we created to review for the assessment. Also, if you have time, have your child use change/coins around your house to practice recognizing the coins and adding up different amounts.

Tomorrow is Central School Spirit Day and spelling notebooks are due.

We went to the library today and checked out books. The last day to return all books from the library is May 19th. So, that means we will have one more book check out next week.

The class received new reading logs this past Monday. They will be due on the last day of school! Don’t forget, any RazKids stories the kids read can be written on their reading logs. The kids will have access to RazKids all summer long as well. I won’t delete accounts until the new school year starts. Happy Reading!


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Weather and Musical

Just a few reminders…

With the snow, many of the kids don’t have shoes to change into when they arrive at school. Please remember to put shoes in your child’s backpack tonight or in the morning so that your child can participate in gym tomorrow. Also, the kids can not play in the snow unless they have snow pants, gloves, and snow boots.

This Thursday is our K/1 Musical. The kids have been practicing and can’t wait for you to see their show! Please read the green paper that is coming home today from Mrs. Tran on what your child is suppose to wear on Thursday. There will be a performance at 2pm in the gym on Thursday that you are welcome to attend as well as our evening performance.

This Friday, March 17th is Green Day in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Also, this Friday, school dismissal is 3:15.

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Room 143 Updates

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed your time with your families.

Before we went on break the kids brought back their adorable turkey projects! They were all done so well and with such great reasons not to be eaten! This project leads us into our new unit on persuasive writing. This past trimester, we learned about fact and opinion and the students did many informational writing pieces which I shared with you at conferences. Now we will be focusing on their opinion and why they think a certain way. For example, what is your favorite season and why? Or what is your favorite winter activity and why? The kids will be using their opinions on these topics to persuade their readers to feel the same way as they do.

Tonight, the kids brought their Topic 2 math assessment home. Please look over them, sign them, and return the whole assessment back to school tomorrow. The kids all did very well and were very excited to share their assessments with you! We have already started Topic 3 which is continuing with addition concepts to 20.

In social studies, before break we were learning the reasons the Pilgrims came to America and how the Native Americans helped them. We also did a T-Chart on a day in the life of a Pilgrim girl and a Pilgrim boy. The kids couldn’t believe how many chores they each had to do to get through the day and the limited time they had to learn. We will continue to learn about their lives and the concept of long ago vs. today in the next few weeks.

FOOD PANTRY: The month of November was the first graders turn to fill the food pantry red bins that are around school. Two notes went home earlier in the month, but sadly our bin is still almost empty. If you happen to have any non-parishable food items that you are able to donate that would be wonderful!!


Library bags have not been coming back to school regularly with the kids. Please help your child remember their library bag and book each Thursday for library time. This is a requirement from the library to help keep the library books clean and safe.

Report Card envelopes: I am still waiting for 9 more envelopes to be returned to school.

Reading logs are due THIS WEEK! THURSDAY December 1st- Please make sure the reading logs are completely full for your child to receive a prize.

Spelling is due every Friday- Five activities are due each week. We are on Unit 15.


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Flag Raising TOMORROW

Good Afternoon,

I just want to remind everyone again that tomorrow morning at flag raising, our class is being recognized. All the students in our class will be recognized, and will be asked to come up near the stage in front of the school during the flag raising assembly. You are welcome to attend to watch your child for this special event. Flag raising is from about 9:10-9:40am and takes place in the gym. If you are going to attend, please just stop in the office to sign in and to receive a visitor’s sticker.  Don’t forget your cameras too!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the morning!

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Missing Jacket and Reading logs

Good Morning,

One of the boys in our room is missing his jacket from yesterday. It is green and grey and he was wearing it yesterday. Please check to see if your child accidentally brought it home yesterday and if so, please return it to school. Thank you for your help!

Reminders: Reading logs are due today! New ones will go home today as will new behavior charts!

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make our Halloween special! We really appreciate all the fun games that were planned for us! Also, a BIG thank you to all the parents that helped out on our trip to the farm! thumb_img_1848_1024

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Field Trip Updates!

Good Evening Parents,

I hope you are all having a good evening. As you are aware, tomorrow is our field trip to Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm in South Barrington. Please check the weather and make sure your child is dressed warmly enough. I believe we are in for a chilly but, dry day. We will leave Central at about 10:45am and once we get to Goebbert, we will eat our lunches right away. Please make sure your child’s lunch is in a disposable container like a ziplock or paper bag, labeled with your child’s name on it. Also, please still send a fruit break with your child to school. We will eat them before we get on the buses so no one is hungry.

After we eat our lunches, we will be watching a short movie about how they grow the pumpkins at the farm, take a hayride, visit and feed the animals, and finally pick out pumpkins, Indian corn, and a gourd to bring home. If your child wants to bring money to feed the animals they only need $2-3. Please no more then that and also please put it in a small ziplock with their name on it. We should be back to school around 2pm.

Tomorrow library books are still due. When we get back to school from the trip we will go straight to the library to get new books.

This Friday, spelling notebooks are still also due. Please make sure your child has five activities in their notebook.

Tuesday, November 1st – October Reading Logs are due! Only completed reading logs will get prizes.

SPOOKY Skate! Orbits 6:30! I will be there and can’t wait to see all the kids in their costumes!

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Room 143 updates

Good Evening! Hope everyone is having a good week.

The kids had a great day today with a special visit from the Des Plaines Fire Dept. The fire fighters shared safety tips with a fun video, showed the kids their uniform and equipment and then the kids went outside to see one of their trucks. The truck really impressed the kids! They got to watch the fire fighters extend the 100 ft. ladder all the way up in the air and see a fire fighter climb to the top basket. They also learned about the tools on the truck and how they are used.

In class, we continued learning about the important jobs that fire fighters do by going on and looking up community helpers.  We then read further about fire fighters and the ways they help in the community. is a non-fiction education website that I often use to enrich lessons for the class. You can go onto and check it all out for with your child. The Username is: CEREAD and the Password is: READ.

We ended the day learning about letter writing while writing the fire fighters a thank you letter for coming to visit Central School. Tonight for homework, the kids were suppose to talk to you about your home safety plan. Please talk to your child about escape routes and a safe meeting place around your home. The kids will get a chance to share their plans tomorrow in class and then they will come back home so you can have them to use.

Tonight the students first math assessment came home. It was Topic 7 assessment on understanding ones and tens. When we take math assessments, the test is read to the class, each problem, one at a time.  In addition,  each child gets as much time as they need to complete the assessment. Please look it over with your child, sign the cover and return it to school tomorrow. We are almost done with Topic 1: understanding addition to 10. We will probably take that assessment Monday.


Field Trip forms are do as soon as possible. I am only missing them from 6 children. Please remember we are going October 27th and all children need a disposable sack lunch. They will have a lot to carry as we leave the trip so all lunch materials need to be able to be thrown away after we eat. The kids will be bringing home a pumpkin, an Indian Corn, and a squash. It you want, the kids may bring one or two dollars with them to purchase special food to feed the animals that we will also be seeing.

Reading logs are due Tuesday, November 1st prizes will be given to students that bring in completed reading logs.

Scholastic book order for October is due this Wednesday.

Every Friday is Spirit Day at Central School! Show your school spirit and wear blue and yellow.

Library Day is Thursday! Please help your child remember to return their book back to school so they can go on a new adventure each week with a new book to read and jump into.


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weather and reading logs

Good Afternoon,

Today’s recess was a chilly one! Our school recess supervisors wanted me to remind you to send your child with appropriate outerwear for recess. Many children did not have coats today. As the weather changes, please make sure your child has a coat, hat, gloves, or boots when needed. When it becomes snow boot season, feel free to leave an extra pair of shoes in your child’s locker for school.

Yesterday I forgot to remind you that reading logs are due on Monday. Your child will get a new October reading log on Monday as well. I will be giving prizes to those kids who bring back their completed reading log on Monday. However, I will not be here on Monday or Tuesday due to Rosh Hashana. When I am back on Wednesday I will make sure each child who returned their reading log gets a prize.



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