Language Arts/Literacy

Students have completed the research phase of their writing project.  Currently, they are finishing their first drafts of their informative writing piece on effects of migration to the United States.  These essays are being drafted on Google Drive, and they will soon be peer conferencing, revising and publishing their essays within the next week.


Students have their 2nd layer character choice project due tomorrow, October 10th.  Their final book report will be a form that evaluates their entire independent reading novel.

Social Studies

Students are studying a mini-unit on culture and world religions.  Students will be creating “paper slideshows” as an assessment of their understanding of culture and some major world religions next week.  Their culture poster, which represents their individual culture, is due in class tomorrow, October 10th.

Updates for LA/Literacy and Social Studies

Language Arts

Next week, we will begin writing our (post) informative writing task on the topic of migration to the United States.  This will be an in-class task that incorporates notes the students have collected this past week, and 3 additional sources given at the time of the writing task.


Students will be assigned their “2nd layer” of the Character Book Report project.

  • Layer 2: Create a Report Card or Wanted Poster
  • Layer 3: Create a “Padlet” or “Fakebook” profile for a character in 1st person

Social Studies

Students will be taking their test on Lesson 8: Migration to the United States this Friday, October 3rd.

They will have their T-chart notes on push and pull factors, and the graphic web organizer to study the essential questions of this test:

  • Why do people move?
  • What are the factors that encourage people to move?
  • How does it affect their lives?

They may also complete the “Reading Challenge” as a review for the test.

Happy October!

It’s midterm!

Please view the Tyler Portal to access your child’s grades for the midterm.


Your child will have an independent reading book project due on Friday of this week.  This should reflect at least the first 1/3rd of their reading book.

Next week, they will be assigned the 2nd project will be reflective of 2/3rds of their independent reading book, and finally, their final project will be reflective of their entire independent reading book.  They should be reading their book throughout the quarter, and should have it here with them at school every day.

Social Studies:
We are beginning the TCI Lesson 8: Migration to the United States.  I will be assigning about 1-2 sections/day for class/homework.

This will prepare us for our LA/Literacy post-assessment, and we will also be connecting this content to our literacy classroom activities.



Both classes of LA/Literacy have just learned about the four types of sentences and elements of a story.  Students will be applying their knowledge of these concepts into our next units of study: informative writing and reading short stories for analyzing story development (respectively).


Social Studies

Students took on the roles of cartographers and geologists to create maps to “find gold” in our classroom.  Upon studying map skills and features of a map, we will be working to complete Lesson 1 of our online, TCI program: Tools of Geography.  Sections 1-8 are due Friday, September 12.

Period 8 Social Studies Update

Don’t forget to study for tomorrow’s Map Skills quiz.  You can use your notes from the BrainPop video to study from.

Also, parents, I will send home a letter about our new online social studies curriculum, TCI tomorrow.  The letter explains the background, usage and directions for this program.  We created our TCI accounts in class yesterday.


Whether you meant to or not, you just happened to stumble upon Ms. De Guzman’s classroom website.  If you’re new to 6th grade, WELCOME! If you are just curious about 6th grade, you are also just as welcome here.

On this website, I have different pages (located at the top bar) where you can find online resources that you can access either at school or at home.  Occasionally, I will also post announcements or reminders about Very Important Dates and maybe even spotlight some Stellar Student work.

If there are any questions or concerns, you may contact me via e-mail: deguzmanc@d62.org

I look forward to reading, writing, thinking, creating and learning with all of you, as your Language Arts, Literacy and/or Social Studies teacher this school year.

Ms. De Guzman