Thursday February 13, 2014

6th grade: Students will continue to make observations of their homemade sand. They will then learn how to analyze sand by shape, grain size, sorting, and composition.  Students also got their exams back from Investigation 3. Those that received D’s or U’s will need to follow directions on the green sheet of paper that tell them how they can re-take their test. They will need to write a paragraph using all vocab to prove they understand the concepts. Once they do this and turn it in, they can schedule when their re-take will be.

HW: 1) D’s and U’s only: Paragraph AND re-takes need to be completed by 2/21 (Friday)

7th grade: Students watch a short video on Natural Selection, discuss Natural Selection at their tables and take a quick assessment to see if they are understanding those concepts.

HW: 1) None