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Read Dear Mr. Henshaw up to page 61.

ELA Packet p.12-13

If your child needed extra help with comprehension skills or vocabulary those sheets are due on Friday.

Study for 2’s test on Friday

LMC tomorrow- please return books so you can check out new ones.

I will not be posting tomorrow since I will not be at school.

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Sequence paragraph Unit 1 week 3 if not turned in

Math p. 17-18 and study 2’s for test Friday

cursive writing p.38-39

wear gym shoes

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ELA packet pages 11 and 21

Computer activity for grammar and vocabulary McGraw Hill

Math p. 11-12  and study 2’s table for test on Friday

Cursive writing p.36-37

Wear gym shoes tomorrow

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Classroom Update Week of Aug.22-26


Well we finished our first week and it was incredible.  It was so nice getting to meet all the kids and thank you parents that came to open house Thursday night.  Next week we will be MAP testing on Monday and Thursday morning.  Also just a heads up next Friday is spirit day.  A flyer was sent home in case you wanted to order spirit wear.  Please remember to send your child with a sweater, sweatshirt, or a long sleeved shirt that they can wear during class.  Sometimes it can get a bit cool in the room.  I hope some of you got to enjoy the welcome back party tonight.  It looks like a lot of fun.  Have a wonderful weekend!  I’m looking forward to another great week! Keep smiling!

P.S. if you gave me your email please remember to subscribe.  If you don’t get a response please let me know so I can figure out the problem.

Mrs. Schoen

Wishing on a star makes everyone smile.

Wishing on a star makes everyone smile.



The Writing Process

Step 1: Prewriting

Think about the topic.  Brainstorm ideas and plan what you want to include in your writing.

Step 2: Drafting

Use your brainstormed ideas to write a first draft.  Don’t worry about errors.  This will be a rough draft.

Step 3: Revising

Read your rough draft.  Think about the vocabulary you used and how your writing is organized.  Then, make the appropriate changes to improve your written piece.

Step 4: Editing

Reread your revised draft.  Check for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Use editing marks to correct the errors.

Step 5:  Publishing

Create a final version of your piece, including the corrections from the edited version. Be sure to reread your work for any errors.







Opinion Writing Tips

Ask yourself…………

Do I have a strong belief in my opinion so that I  can convince others to believe the same?  Make sure you can back up your opinion with specific examples. 

Have I stated my opinion in a way that grabs the reader’s attention?  Begin with a question or a bold statement that includes your opinion.

Do I have at least three reasons based on facts for my opinion?  Include at least three solid reasons why the reader should agree with you.

Do I have an example for each reason that strengthens my argument?  Each reason must be followed by one strong example.       

Do I have a logical order to my writing?  Don’t bounce around.  Focus on a logical order to present each reason and example.

Am I using smooth transitions to connect my thoughts and help my writing flow?   Use transition words like first, in addition to , another reason, and most important.

Does my conclusion restate my opinion?  Do not forget to restate your opinion in the final sentence.

Have  I used correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?  Revisit what you have written.  Then, check for mistakes.






Informative/Explanatory Writing Tips

Ask yourself…….

Do I provide enough information on the topic?  Make sure to include facts about the topic in your writing so that the reader is informed.

Have I narrowed the focus of the topic?  Choose one aspect of the topic that you want to write about.

Does my writing have a hook?  Begin with a strong topic sentence that grabs the reader’s attention.

Is my information presented in a logical order?  Do not bounce around.  Present each topic sentence at the beginning of a paragraph and add details.

Have I included enough information that the reader will be interested in learning even more?  End with a strong sentence that makes the reader want to learn more about the subject.

Have I used correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?  Revisit what you have written.  Then, check for mistakes.







Narrative Writing Tips

Ask yourself…….

Am I the main character?  Is the story told from my point of view?  You are in the story, telling where you are, what you see, w ho you are with, and what you do.

Does my story have a hook?  Include an exciting introductory sentence that makes the reader want to continue reading.

Does my story make sense and have a beginning, a middle, and an end?  Do not bounce around.  Focus on a logical order of how the experience happened.

Am I using transitions to connect my thoughts and help the writing flow?  Use transition words like first, next, then, another, and finally.

Am I including rich details and sensory language to help paint a picture in the reader’s mind?  Use lots of adjectives, and incorporate figurative language, such as metaphors and similes, to make your story come to life.

Does my conclusion summarize the main idea?  Incorporate a sentence or two that reflects on what you have written.

Have I used correct  spelling, grammar, and punctuation?  Revisit what you have written.  Then, check for mistakes.


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Welcome to Room 136


Welcome to my blog, I hope you find this site useful.  Each night I will post something, and hopefully you will receive a notification on your email.  If you don’t, please let me know as soon as possible.  It is important that communication is open between us and that you know what is going on in your child’s classroom.  I will let you know when tests will occur and the homework each night.  I will continue to update my blog to make your life easier.  If you have any suggestions that you would like to see on this blog please let me know.  I look forward to working with your child, but your support is also greatly appreciated.   Mrs. Schoen

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Multiplication Games on Internet


Parent Help


If you are interested in learning more about ISAT log onto www. or google Illinois State Achievement Test  hopefully this will help you.

Spelling Rules


Unknown Spelling Rules for Super Sentences!!!!

1) A sentence may not begin with a pronoun. (I, you, he, she, it, my, us, they, them, her, him, we)

2) Each sentence should contain a minimum of ten words.

3) You may only use a beginning once including names.

(Yesterday,  Yesterday,  John, John)

4) Try to include an adjective, verb, when, where, what, and who.  

5) Picture your sentence in your head before writing it.

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Favorite Websites For Kids


images-2Yahoo! For Kids

Quintura for Kids

Ask for Kids

IXL- math program to practice skills

Fun Brain

Dance Mat Typing for skills using keyboard


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