Mrs. Schoen's Third Grade

Know What's Happening in Room 136



Reading-Ten Kids No Pets finish chapter 4 Woody

Math-study for test tomorrow  and 10’s facts test

Dr. Seuss week- wear college shirt, spirit wear, or whatever

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Math- p. 654     also study for 10’s test

Reading- Finish Chapter 3 Ira- Ten Kids No Pets

Hit The Road questions need to be finished

LMC tomorrow

Wear Green Day

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Reading- Finish Chapter 1 Ten Kids No Pets

Spelling Unit 19 p.126-128

Math -Guided Practice 12-5  #5-14

Wear Crazy Socks

Wear gym shoes

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Mr. Henshaw finish reading book

Bring back Muggie Maggie

Finish writing paper for Bridge to Terabithia

Storyworks magazine- Zipper Zack  poem questions

Math guided practice 12-4   #5-14


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Story works-Rosa Parks Pink Packet

Mrs. Fox- work on paper or project presentation due Friday

Mrs. V- write a summary of Muggie Maggie due Friday

Math- Lesson 12-3

Wear Gym Shoes

Choir after school tomorrow

I can’t believe this week is almost over!

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Reading- Mr. Henshaw read up to March 20 and finish questions

Mrs. Fox-bring material for building Terabithia

Math Lesson 12-2

Wear gym shoes

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Classroom Update 2-16-17


Hi parents just a few reminders.  First tomorrow is the wax museum.  Please have your child come to school in their costume.  Send a second set of clothing since the museum will only be going on in the morning.  The museum will be all morning, but 11:40-12:00 has been set aside if you want to visit without other classes. Puppets are also due tomorrow.  If for some reason it can’t be completed please turn it in next Wednesday. Next, there will be a math test tomorrow afternoon.  Your child brought home a study guide.  The problems on the test will be very similar.  There will be a new grading policy in the classroom.  In preparation for fourth grade  late assignments will not be accepted.  Unless your child is absent, assignments will be due the next day.  If the assignment is not done, you will receive a note home from me as well as the unfinished work.  We will be working on how to be more independent with getting our work done.  Finally some of you will be seeing me during conferences.  If you don’t remember your time please let me know and I will be happy to send you an email.  Thanks again for all your help.  Mrs. Schoen



Kid in the Red Jacket finish reading chapter 9

Bridge to Terabithia read ten pages

Math P. 749 #1-6 only

LMC tomorrow

All writing assignments due this Friday

Great American reading logs due Feb.14 this was assigned

Was Museum will be on Friday, Feb.17 information will be coming home

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Homework – Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Kid in the Red Jacket-finish reading chapter 2

Mrs. V reading- compare Muggie Maggie’s third grade and ours

Fox- finish reading chapter 3

Math- lesson 10-4

Subject pronoun sheet 85-86 from packet

wear gym shoes

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Muggie Maggie Group- read the rest of chapter one and write a summary

Kid in the Red Jacket-finish chapter 1 and answer question 3

Bridge to Terabithia-read two chapters

Math- 10-3 p.555-556   6 tables test tomorrow

School Spirit Day

Colds and stuff are around us. Please make sure and wash your hands.

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